Unwanted Car Removal

Have an old car you want to get rid of?

Cars Buyer Centre offers free car removal for all unwanted vehicles. We buy used, damaged, and scrap vehicles at top dollar based on market value, and frequently go from giving a quote, to handing you a cash payment, in just a few hours. You can have unwanted cars off your property, and cash in hand, today!

We make selling your car quick and convenient, and you’ll know upfront right away how much you’ll get from your used or scrap car.

Unwanted Car Removal At Any Time

We buy and pick up cars every day of the year, and at any time. We’ll come to you whenever it is convenient. Simply give us a call, answer a few questions about the car’s condition, and we’ll be there to take care of the rest.

Our expert team has years of experience, and we pride ourselves on offering prompt and courteous service.

We always provide all the necessary paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We Take All Types of Vehicle

We buy any type of vehicle, including trucks and 4WD’s. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle has been flooded, burnt, damaged by weather, or in an accident – we want it! 

We are licensed to both resell and scrap vehicles, so we’ll take care of your car in the most green way possible.

We work to reduce the environmental imprint of used cars, whether that means helping someone else get a few years’ use out of a used car, or scrapping a car for parts to keep others running and reduce demand for new manufacturing.

Competitive Rates

We offer top trade in value for cars and remove them for free at your location.

We’ll give you a car valuation quote online or via phone, and we make offers on wrecked, used, scrapped, accident-damaged, junked, rusted, flooded, and salvaged vehicles.

No matter the make, model, year, or condition, we want to buy your car.

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